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"Is she a ride or die bitch? Does she know I am tattooed onto your heart?

You can try to fight it. I have left my mark on you, there is nothing you can do.”

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Аноним said:
could you please do more dan/serena au's they're so perfect!

I wanted to do it for so long, but it’s sooo difficult, I need to think up everything first. In my planes some college AUs, family AU and post 6.09 AU :)

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Аноним said:
could you please do another derena gifset with them as parents pleaseeee

I was planning to make it, but i need to watch and download tv show with their ‘daughter’  first :)

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Jackson Rathbone & Emma Roberts fanfiction cover (read here https://vk.com/club18517676)

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4 years (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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the World Cup 2014 so far:

  • Brazil made the first goal of the game in Brazil against Brazil
  • Mexico scored like 20 times and only 1 goal really counted
  • FIFA picked up random people on the street as referees
  • Spain as the defending champion is getting destroyed by Netherlands
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Derena alphabet - E is for Eyesex

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"I know we are too young to talk about forever, but right now it 
is what it feels like. Tell me that Rufus is that important to you.
Tell me that whatever the two of you have is the most
important thing in your life.
Because that is what Dan is to me, mum.
The most important."